Congressman Andy Biggs joined Jason Miller and Raheem Kassam on Episode 41 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss the potential – if any – for the Republicans to win the House vote on impeachment. 

“What we should be looking at,” Biggs said, “is not losing a single Republican on the vote. You’re going to get a good number of Democrats probably as well. I believe that Nancy Pelosi – if they decided to bring this to the floor, which they’re angling towards now – they have the potential to lose the vote quite frankly right now.”

“You’ve got thirty-one districts where people are saying: ‘look, this is obtuse.’ Thirty-one districts that Trump won that have Democrats in those seats now. This is an obstacle very thin evidence…. They can’t get it right what they want to charge the President with…Those people in those thirty-one districts, a lot of them are going to say: ‘I really want to be in Congress next time, and if I vote yes on impeachment, I won’t be in Congress next time.’”

“Can we go over that again,” Kassam asked. “You think the Democrats may not have the vote on this?”

“Yeah, I think it’s possible,” Biggs responded. “I think that’s why you saw Nancy Pelosi start walking back and saying ‘we’re still adjudicating the facts’, which is not true; ‘we may not get done before Christmas,’ she knows that’s not true.”