On Episode 19 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller, along with guest David Urban, discussed the whistleblower and his attorney, Mark Zaid.

Miller began: “I want to make sure we give due justice to the developments yesterday with the pearl clutching and hand wringing over [Donald Trump Jr.] saying the whistleblower’s name, and also some of the interesting things that we found out about his attorney Mark Zaid.”

“We’re going to make Mark Zaid famous,” Bannon said.

“Let’s keep it family friendly, it’s a little creepy,” Miller noted.

“Well that’s how he likes it, apparently” Kassam added, “but without the family.”

“We have to go into this, and it’s not pleasant. Over the course of the past twenty-four hours it appears as if Mark Zaid, the whistleblower’s lawyer, some very strange things have come out about his YouTube channel, and what he’s looking at, and what he’s been tweeting over the past couple years.”

“We’ll start with the YouTube. His liked videos – this is his official channel where he uploads all of his clips from television or wherever – but his liked videos include these three: ‘Top 10 Prettiest Disney Channel Stars,’ ‘Top 10 Disney Girls,’ and ‘Selena Gomez from Child to Woman.’ That would be weird enough in and of itself-”

“Let’s stick to the facts,” Bannon said. “No commentary…You’re saying on YouTube – he’s a grown a man, right? And he’s got what now on his YouTube?”

“He has liked three videos: ‘Top 10 Prettiest Disney Channel Stars,’ ‘Top 10 Disney Girls,’ and ‘Selena Gomez from Child to Woman,'” Kassam reiterated.

“I guess that speaks for itself,” Bannon added.


Kassam continued: “He then has tweeted a lot about Disney in the last couple of years. He has tweeted about how much he loves Disney, about how much he goes to Disney by himself and poses with all princesses and Donald Ducks and all that kind of stuff. And if you go through his twitter there are an extraordinary number of Disney references… Pretty strange.”

Moving onto the Donald Trump Jr. story, Miller explained: “Yesterday [Donald Trump] Jr. tweeted out the whistleblower’s name. Which, by the way, the whistleblower’s name has been out there everywhere. On countless websites, Rush Limbaugh has said the whistleblower’s name over and over. And it literally drove TV coverage all of yesterday afternoon. ‘Don Jr., how could you mention the whistleblower’s name.’ I had reporters calling me saying ‘isn’t the whistleblower now in danger or fear?’ It’s just a complete red herring to go and distract things away from what’s going on.”

Miller points out what Constitutional law scholar David Rivkin said on War Room: Impeachment Episode 17: “What [Rivkin] says is the whistleblower protection does not grant you anonymity. What is does is…if you report something on say fraud or waste, that you can’t then get fired because of it, because of bringing that forward. It doesn’t say anything about being able to stay anonymous, especially when you’re trying to take down a sitting president.”