It’s been two and a half years since Steve Bannon was exiled from the Trump administration, but the former chief White House strategist is still trying to coordinate messaging for the president.

Instead of pulling the strings from Trump Tower or the West Wing, however, Bannon is delivering his strategic advice — now on impeachment — by podcast from a D.C. basement.


Bannon, along with former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller and former Nigel Farage aide Raheem Kassam, has been broadcasting a combination radio program and podcast called War Room: Impeachment for over 100 consecutive days. Its hosts represent a faction of Trumpists who have been cast out of the president’s inner circle, but still believe in the project and are trying to offer aid and insight from exile. Bannon famously was sacked from his position in the administration, Miller was blocked from even joining after it was revealed that he had gotten a subordinate pregnant during an extramarital affair on the Trump campaign, while Kassam has left two different conservative publications in the past two years.