On Episode 102 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon discussed China being the financier for Iran, and thus the need to go from economic warfare to economic quarantine in the Persian Gulf.

“The Americans are bringing the Persians to their knees,” Bannon began.

“These sanctions [on Iran] have not had the full support of the European Union,” he explained, also discussing the lack of support from NATO allies such as France’s Macron.

Bannon continued: “If you go to the book Trump and His Generals by Peter Bergen, the opening scene in that is over at the Pentagon. Secretary Mnuchin and I get into it over this very topic, about economic sanctions. This is in June of 2017. Economic sanctions against Iran. Who’s going to back the President’s play? Because the President is not into kinetic warfare.”

“A report on the Chinese Ambassador last night actually said the buried lead is China is going to guarantee the security and peace of the Persian Gulf. Those naval exercises last week, although small and relatively insignificant…was at least the beginning of something. You’re seeing now Xi is trying to be the peacemaker. They’re the financier.”


“We’re doing all of this without choking down [China’s] activity with the Persians. They financed the mullahs in Iraq. They buy seventy percent of the crude. We let them get away with it, even with these sanctions. We look the other way. And we’ve allowed them to get all these credit facilities.”

Bannon recalled a hit on CNBC in late 2019 where he explained: “we could ratchet up the sanctions and the economic warfare. I believe we ought to go to economic quarantine. An economic quarantine of the regime. Because the streets of Tehran are going to explode.”

“Millennials in Tehran, millennials in Baghdad, millennials in Beirut are overthrowing the established order. Why? Because they don’t have freedom and they don’t have economic opportunity.”

He elaborated how these millennials “see Hezbollah taking the skim. They see the corrupt guys in Baghdad taking the skim. They see the mullahs taking the skim. That they’re living life great, and these other people are living like dogs. And they don’t want to do it anymore.”

“That is the power of what President Trump [did],” Bannon emphasized. He asserted that “somebody’s got to get up there and articulate that: O’Brien, Pompeo, the President. This is a strategy that’s working.”