On Episode 29 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon explains the background of Ukraine and how it epitomizes the foreign policy difference between the establishment, globalist wing of the Republicans and Democrat parties and President Trump’s America First agenda.

He begins: ”This is what we’ve got to coach the American people on. People don’t know why Ukraine became such a big deal. This is why President Trump is sitting there saying we have to have Germany, we have to have France, other people have to put money in the till. America first doesn’t meant walking away from these situations, but if we take leadership in these situations, we need allies, and Ukraine is not an ally. It’s a strategic partner.

To understand “why Ukraine became such a big deal,” Bannon uses Nigel Farage’s explanation on Episode 10 of War Room: Impeachment: “They – the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry globalist wing of the Democratic party – are trying to create a foreign government. So with that, why did the Ukraine blow up? Why has it dominated so much of our discussion. Because the European Union’s foreign policy is that they wanted to expand to the East and for Ukraine to become a part of the European Union. And worse than that, we had idiots like David Cameron suggesting that Ukraine join NATO.”

Farage continues: “The president of Ukraine was “removed in a coup in Kiev by people waving the European Union flag. It is expansionism and globalism.” 

Bannon recounts his personal experience: “Look I was on a Navy destroyer for 4 years, and our mission was hunting Soviet submarines and keeping them away. I don’t need to be lectured by a bunch of pencil necks about Russia this, Russia that. The Russians are bad guys. I got that.”

Bannon explains the difference of America First foreign policy: “President Trump said he’s not looking to start nay more wars. We spent 7 trillion dollars in the middle East. […] We got ten, fifteen thousand young men and omen killed and forty thousand wounded or have PTSD. It’s time to stop this madness. That’s why this is a policy dispute.”

“These globalists, the McCain, Bush, Madeleine Albright, Barack Obama, John Kerry, it’s not about political party. They have a certain way that they roll In this town. They think that our military is global expeditionary humanitarian force.”