On Episode 42 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller discuss President Trump’s “explosive” Fox & Friends interview this morning, a clear demonstration of his “ability to drive the mainstream media”.

To Bannon, President Trump capitalized on the opportunity to “but a bookend on [impeachment] and frame it in his capacity” since “everyone in congress is now heading back home because they’re in recess.”

Miller recounts some topics President Trump addressed: “He hits on the upcoming, “explosive” IG report, he said it goes “right to the top.”

Bannon expands: “The IG report is the one that has been inside the Department of Justice. This is the report that is supposed to go back and revisit everything that happened regarding Crossfire Hurricane, everything that happened on the beginnings of the Russia collusion investigation.”

Miller adds that this report centers around “The illegal monitoring and surveillance of President Trump’s campaign and transition.”

Another key takeaway from the interview was the “2 reasons why [according to Trump] the aid was held up.”

First, “Ukraine is rated the 3rd most corrupt country on the planet, he hammered on that.”

That ranking comes from an Ernst&Young report, often cited on War Room: Impeachment by Bannon, prompting him to ask: “Where did they get that from? Has he been listening to War Room: Impeachment?”

The second point is “President Trump railed on the fact that Germany, France and others don’t pay their fair share to help Ukraine.”

Miller describes this as “fire emojis infinite.”