On Episode 29 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon discussed whether or not he believes Trump will be impeached and the American people’s role in the process with his co-host Raheem Kassam.

“Is it enough to say ‘well it’s fake news, he’s not going to be impeached,’” Kassam asked.

“No, it’s not,” Bannon replied. “He’s going to get impeached. He is getting impeached by Nancy Pelosi sometime in December, they’re bringing at least two charges. Matt Gaetz said it today, Mark Meadows said it the other day.”

“If you want to defend the election of 2016, if you do not want these anti-democratic forces to overturn this, you have to get engaged. The key to not having him impeached – if that [is] possible –  is the thirty-one [freshmen democrats]. “

“And this radio audience, Virginia 7 and Virginia 2, those are two Obama one twice, Trump won in ‘16, it flipped back to the Democrats with these freshmen congressmen. And Nancy Pelosi said when they were running: ‘never mention the i-word. I want you to talk about health care, I want you to talk about jobs, I want you to talk about the economy, I want to talk about national security – never mention impeachment. This has got to be the toughest vote of their lives.’”

Bannon furthered: “The American people are fair people, the American people are decent people. They American people have their own lives to live, they don’t want all this stuff in their head all the time.”

“If Nancy Pelosi, who is a master at political warfare, believes it’s appropriate to put the country through a Constitutional crisis over the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday season, then fine. Let’s get it all out there, let’s get all the information, let the American people weigh and measure and say ‘hey, this was a good use of our time.’ I happen to believe they will look at [the impeachment proceedings] and say ‘that is not a good use of our time, that’s not why we voted you guys up there. We voted you up there to conduct the business of the people, not this.’”