On Episode 20 of War Room: Impeachment, Politico White House correspondent Daniel Lippman asks host Stephen K. Bannon if Republicans will defend President Trump on “process or substance.”

Bannon contends that they’ll defend the president on “substance, hands down.”

He expands: “You had these unelected bureaucrats, I’m not questioning their patriotism, but this is about the permanent political class’s mentality. This issue about NATO, about an EU army, about Ukraine and what it stood for for the party of Davos and the permanent political class. That’s what the transcripts are about. And that’s why I think President Trump is onto something.”

Bannon reiterates: “substance, substance, substance.”

Bannon adds “This is not going to be won or lost on Fox News. This has to be for people who feel comfortable going into hostile territory, taking some incoming and being able to articulate exactly whats going on.”

Miller also stresses the importance of local networks: “This won’t be won or lost on CNN or  MSNBC. This will be about nightly news and local coverage on what exchanges actually get picked up by your local ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates. It’s these exchanges, these moments where they catch the witnesses in the deer in the headlights, get them to admit they’re just speculating, guessing, or didn’t follow chain of command, or maybe this is their own personal world view that matter.”

Miller emphasizes: “That’s why you need the killers in that room.”