“Everybody [on the right] is now on point and you’re seeing this thing – I think – turn around,” War Room: Impeachment host Stephen K. Bannon said on Episode 14.

“Congressman [Matt] Gaetz who did this really broke the fever on Thursday a week ago when he led that contingent. You know you had storming Bastille, well this is ‘Storming the SCIF’ and that really broke the fever. It gave America accessibility to the… chamber with Congressman Schiff.”

Bannon furthered: “From that time on, we had David Rivkin come on [the show] and [he] had that great op-ed in the Wall Street Journal talking about the unconstitutionality of the process. And Nancy Pelosi was forced to call an audible. As we said yesterday, you could tell on Colbert she was not on her game. This is the first time she’s been rattled.”

“We’ve given [Pelosi] a hat tip from day one: she’s a master in political warfare and she has run a masterful political disinformation campaign from September 24th. But now you have the House; you have the Senate; you have the campaign; you have the RNC; you have what we’re doing here, the effort we’re doing here; you have the folks in the White House. Everybody is now on point and you’re seeing this thing – I think – turn around.”

Bannon, the former CEO of the 2016 Trump campaign, explained why: “The reason is the evidence, it’s the substance of it. And that’s why the President keeps saying substance, substance, substance. The President is talking about running a fireside chat where he will actually read either the entire transcript or he’ll read excerpts from the transcript. That has liberals’ heads blowing up. Gaetz talked about the central thing we need is the killers – we need the killers back.”

“We’re hurtling towards a Kavanaugh-like situation,” Bannon predicts. “The intensity is only going to build. And for folks out in the audience, particularly if you have kids…This is going to be, I think, one of the great civic lessons in American history and you’re going to be able to see it in real time. Now it’s going to be quite nasty, it’s going to be a lot of sharp elbows, going to be a lot hot talking. And sometimes, maybe not as bad as the Kavanaugh – that got pretty X-rated – but this is going to get very tough.”