On Episode 10 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon proclaims the Thursday House vote intended to formalize the impeachment inquiry is a “victory.”

He describes the chain of events that led to this development:  “Nancy Pelosi blinked yesterday morning, and she said we’re going to have a vote. We’ve been talking about how this is an unconstitutional process. We had David Rivkin on here Thursday who had an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, we had Matt Gaetz do that brilliant move last Thursday where he actually went down to the star chamber and showed America that this was a secret system of secret witnesses, testimony that nobody heard, and transcripts that were not out.”

It’s clear Nancy Pelosi was forced into holding the vote: “Speaker Pelosi is not known for calling audibles. She’s pretty slow. She is a very cautious politician. She mitigates her risk, but when she makes a move, she moves down that line and does not waver from it. She blinked.”  

Co-host Jason Miller expands: “What Speaker Pelosi is very distinctly trying to do here is to provide political cover to those 31 freshman Democrats in districts Trump won. She’s trying to give them cover, so they can say “nope, we moved forward in a constitutional manner.”