Steve Bannon, Former special advisor to President Trump, commented on the latest in the impeachment saga surrounding President Trump.

Bannon  slammed Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian American from Florida accused of attempting to influence the Ukrainian government on behalf of President Trump saying that impeachment has devolved “into a farce,” and that the leftist media is attempting to go through, “the beatification process of Lev Parnas whom they trashed for many, many weeks. He’s the czar of the grifters….a guy that had a company called Fraud Inc. that he ran into the ground.”

Bannon made the comments in an interview with Trish Regan, Host of “Trish Regan Primetime.”

Bannon also pointed to the Ukraine response saying that, “the foreign minister of the Ukraine today said he is a liar, said nothing [Parvas] said is true.”


“If this is the best they can do,” he concluded, “it’s gone from a sham process now to an absolute farce.”

On the two major trade deals in 24 hours, Bannon said will be one of the biggest accomplishments of this President’s term.

“100 years from now,” says Bannon, “they’re going to be talking about the last 24-hour period. Not about the phony solemnity over in the Senate about the impeachment and the trial of Donald J. Trump. They’re going to be talking about this was the inflection point that returned America to her greatness.”