On Episode 12 of War Room: Impeachment, John Fredericks, host of the John Fredericks radio show, asked host Stephen K. Bannon about how so many Never-Trumpers infiltrated the president’s administration. Fredericks originally asked Kellyanne Conway, Senior Counselor to the president, who suggested he “really needed to ask that to Steve Bannon.”

Fredericks inquired: “How did all these Never-Trumpers populate the White House? They populated the West Wing. How did they populate the National Security Council? Why are there people in there that don’t support the president’s policy working there every day? How did they get key ambassadorships when they don’t support his policies? Envoys?”

Bannon responds: “The president had his first national security advisor, Mike Flynn, one of the architects for the America First foreign policy. Because of what turned out to be the FBI’s witch hunt on the Trump administration that led to the firing of James Comey and the Mueller investigation, Mike Flynn got wrapped up in this. Mike Flynn stepped down on Valentine’s day, less than 3 weeks into the administration and he was replaced by General McMaster. And I stepped down from the National Security Council basically as soon as McMaster came on, but obviously participated a lot, particularly within personnel.”

Bannon outlines two key developments that led to the current state of affairs: “Obama detailees that were in the NSC and the entire West Wing of the White House, we said we got to remove them and start getting our people in there. We didn’t have a deep bench of people. But there was enormous pushback and when McMaster got there. He’s more of a traditionalist, […] a guy that I disagree with fundamentally on America First vs. his more traditional, McCain, globalist mentality.

“We had a very tough time. A number of people brought in by President Trump. People like Higgins, Derek Harvey, and half a dozen of the Trump people were forced out of the White House in the Spring and early Summer of 2017 who were combating these Never-Trumpers. 

To Bannon, “Worse than Never-Trumpers were the Obama detailess.”

He continues: “Kellyanne is absolutely correct. It was a fight every day to try to get people in there and clearly when General Kelly took over from Reince Preibeus and then under Mick Mulvaney, it looks like now it’s full of them. The entire Russia/Ukraine desk under Fiona Hill looks like its replete with Never-Trumpers and Obama detailees.”

While on the National Security Council, Bannon also met the reported whistleblower:  “I happen to know who the individual is. I knew him at the National Security Council.”