On Episode 72 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon calls out former Democratic representative Jane Harman for attacking Ivanka Trump at the Doha Forum.

Bannon outlines: “To have Jane Harman take that shot means it’s being normalized by the establishment, and it’s not acceptable.”

Harman epitomizes the establishment – the “poster girl” for “interagency consensus.”

She’s “looked at as someone that has real credentials in the foreign policy community, someone who is a consensus builder, someone who is very classy, very smart, knows these issue, a “House version of Sen. Lindsey Graham”.

For her to “take a cheap shot at Ivanka Trump when her presentation and interview was perfect in the fact that she got out all these major points she’s been working on for several years that inform American policy and is particularly important to hear that in the Gulf where things on women empowerment and entrepreneurship is so important to American foreign policy” is unacceptable.

Adding “It’s not about her being the president’s daughter. She is a senior representative of the administration, and in this regard, doing a heck of a job. It’s just not acceptable.”

Host Raheem Kassam also notes how this undermines American on the world stage: “You can have unity per party domestically but you have to have unity nationally when you go to one of these [forums].You can’t have someone who’s very well-respected like Jane Harman there, who knows every person of import in the room, attacking the administration and attacking Ivanka Trump. [She’s] going out there and showing we’re all clowns, don’t worry about the US being united on foreign policy goals or actually standing for something. We’re just going to keep bickering among each other.”

Bannon believes this warrants a stronger response: “People in the Trump administration and particularly outside groups, like ourselves, not just have to start calling out people but start taking shots ourselves because that can’t be normalized. It’s one thing for Omar, Tlaib, and that radical fringe of the Democratic Party to to do it or for the Antifa guys. But not when you start having the Jane Harman’s of the world think it’s appropriate in front of the world where we’re trying to make a statement to take a shot like that.”

He adds: “To see someone like Jane Harman take this step into fully triggered territory shows you really where the Democratic Party is right now. It shows you their hatred of trump has even triggered the centrists and the establishment.”

He explains the implications of this normalization: “It’s one thing we’ve got to fight back on. […] I don’t think we’re confronting it enough. I don’t think the Republican Party is confronting it enough. This is not acceptable. American lives are at stake. We’re sending another 14,000 troops to Saudi Arabia. That thing is on a knife’s edge. You’ve got Iran in Iraq. Beirut is on fire and could become the next Hong Kong.”