On Episode 73 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller discuss Tulsi Gabbard being undecided on her impeachment vote.

Gabbard “made a lot of noise recently running for president in the Democratic primary.”

She’s garnered support from members from the Trump base due to her foreign policy and ability to “take on the establishment” according to Miller.

To Bannon, she’s “queen of the incels.”

Bannon notes that she needs to vote against impeachment “if she’s to have a future in the Trump movement because she and Yang are very Trumpian particularly on national security and foreign policy.”

Adding, “If she votes to impeach, she is formally done with the Deplorables. [They will] cut her loose.”

Miller adds: “If she votes or impeachment there is no road to redemption, there is no hey I’m good on some foreign policy things. She’s basically saying I want a life in the Democratic party.”

Miller notes: “Here is the thing Tulsi Gabbard needs to realize. Democrats are never going to accept her because she doesn’t go along to get along. That’s why so many Republicans and Trump supporters like Gabbard because she’s willing to go an actually take on the establishment.”