On Episode 83 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon reacts to Joe Biden’s performance at last night’s Democratic primary debate, focusing on his ‘string of lies’ about China.

When prompted about how he would “take on” China, Biden responded: 

We’re on a collision course with China but not for war. We have to make clear is that we in fact are not going to abide by what they’ve done. A million Uighurs as you’ve pointed out, Muslims, are in concentration camps. That’s where they are right now. They’re being abused in concentration camps. What we started in our administration and Trump stopped is we should be moving 60% of our sea power to that area of the world to let in fact the Chinese understand that they’re not going to go any further. We are going to be there to protect other folks. Secondly, we in fact should make sure that we begin to rebuild our alliances which Trump has demolished with Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Indonesia. We in fact need to have allies who understand that we’re going to stop the Chinese from their actions. We should have gone to the UN immediately and sought sanctions against them in the United Nations for what they did. We have to be firm. We don’t have to go to war, but we have to make it clear. This is as far as you go, China, and in terms of their military buildup, it’s real, but it would take them about 17 years to build up to where we are. We’re not looking for a war, but we have to make clear that we are a pacific power, and we are not going to back away. 

Bannon responds to the accusation that the Trump administration has gone soft on China: “Joe Biden is a stone cold liar.”

He explains why: “As a young naval officer, I patrolled the South China Sea. We used to go through there guns up, radars up, everything up, like the United States Navy is supposed to. Like they do today under President Trump. Under Obama and Biden, they had this thing called safe passage. No radars up, no guns, went through [easy.] We don’t want to upset the Chinese. We don’t want to be provocative. I don’t think we even went through the Straits of Taiwan.”

In contrast, President Trump “put more naval forces into the Western Pacific.”

Additionally, Bannon notes: “Everything he said in there is nonsense. President Trump has done more militarily to help Japan and rearmament, we cut a new trade deal with South Korea to reinforce our alliance there.”

In reality, it was the Obama administration under the auspices of Biden that emboldened China.

Bannon explains, “Joe Biden was there and he was one of the leading guys that led President Obama to sign that accord with President Xi in the Rose Garden that the Chinese knew they were never going to abide by on cyber intrusions and the militarization of the South China Sea.”

Bannon emphatically states: “Joe Biden is totally corrupt and in business with the Chinese Communist Party. They’ve made money with the Chinese Communist Party. His corrupt, incompetent, drug-addicted son that now has every other day a baby mama popping up on the stage to embarrass the country. His son taking money from the Chinese Communist Party. It’s ridiculous.”

He concludes with: “Joe Biden is completely incompetent, totally corrupt, and a stone-cold liar.”