The 2020 Trump campaign has released a new video advertisement in which President Trump “presents himself as an agent of change that will return America to a former greatness.”

Those are the words of War Room: Impeachment host and former chairman of the Trump 2016 campaign Stephen K. Bannon.

On Episode 12 of War Room: Impeachment, Bannon discussed the ad and Trump’s branding going into the 2020 election with co-hosts Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller.

“This is a fantastic ad… It really brands…[Trump]’s no Mr. Nice Guy,” Bannon’s co-host Jason Miller echoed.

“I think they takeaway from the ad is it reminds people he is the change agent. He is the one who is going to disrupt Washington. He’s the one that’s going to shake up the status quo. And I think that’s a piece of his messaging that’s been missing for a long time.”

Co-host Raheem Kassam added that Trump is “leaning into this whole thing.”

Miller agreed: “Yes, this is the fundamental reason President Trump was elected in 2016: he was the change agent.”

“We sometimes get caught up in the Washington process – I mean it’s tough not to get caught up when they’re trying to impeach him, so we’ll give him a little bit of the benefit, a little cover here. But if president trump is going to get reelected in 2020, and we believe that he will get reelected, he has to recapture this messaging.”

The ad is being played in key states, as Miller pointed out: “The Trump campaign is up with this ad in ten different markets across the country. All swing states, also magically overlapping with a number of House Democratic freshmen in districts that Trump won in 2016.”

“I think [the ad] cuts to the chase, it cuts to the heart of this thing,” Bannon added. “He makes no apologies for not being the nicest, warmest, friendliest guy in the world.”

“The American people didn’t elect him to – you know the old saying: you’ve got to present yourself as somebody guys want to drink a beer with. Well that’s not how Donald Trump presented himself. He presented himself as an agent of change. He presented himself that he would return America to a former greatness.”

“I think this ad is a terrific ad, we’ll have to see what kind of impact it has. This is the ad [where] they’re going in with the large media buying in these congressional districts.”

Miller emphasized how the campaign has “specifically targeted it to overlap with these Democratic freshmen.”