Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller, both formerly of the 2016 Trump campaign, discussed the transcripts from the closed door testimonies that have yet to be released on Episode 33 of War Room: Impeachment.

“We have this top secret, super quiet hearing that’s down in the Schiff speakeasy,” Miller explains. “We have to have this transcript released in advance of all this hearing palooza coming up on Tuesday. And also keep in mind, we don’t have Mark Sandy, the OMB official, or David Holmes, the political aide to Taylor – we don’t have either of them scheduled yet for next week. So we need to get that hearing out there, or else this will be the Democrats playing their spin game.”

“By the way,” Bannon said, “I think it’s very important that you said that you need to have all the transcripts from over the weekend from the star chamber – plus I think there’s a couple other transcripts, I think there’s one other or two other transcripts that haven’t been out – what Meadows is asking for and demanding, before you call the first witness back on Tuesday. And Jason [Miller], I think this week is jammed. On Tuesday I think there’s four witnesses, correct? And so you’ve got to get all the transcripts out so places like War Room: Impeachment and the House staff can go over these, and you can turn Raheem Kassam and his team over to it so they can start to pull out the nuggets.”

“This week is probably the most critical week we’ve seen in this so far,” Miller added.