On Episode 11 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller provide analysis of the president’s recent impeachment-related tweets:

To Bannon: “Coming from the White House is unity and substance.  Like we’ve been saying, the more granular you get here, the better it looks for the president.”

He believes the president’s use of “infair” is a “heckle for all the Ivy League democrats.”

Miller expands: “The president is doing something really important here. We talk about impeachment and Ukrainians with funny last names and all sorts of legislative procedure and Adam Schiff’s speakeasy down in the basement. What President Trump is doing this morning is telling Republican and Trump allies in very clear, distinct terms as long as we stick together here, we’re going to be fine no matter what kind of nonsense Nancy Pelosi and shifty Adam Schiff can come up with.”

He also relates it to Senate Republicans who could potentially waver on voting to impeach the president: “This is also a specific message for Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Willard Mitt Romney. ”

Miller also contends: “The Trump campaign and RNC have reserved ad time in 10 markets around the country in DC, Manchester, New Hampshire, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and others. This is all important because there is significant overlap with some of these Democratic Freshman.”