On Episode 26 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller discuss Rep. Will Hurd’s reported absence from House Republican’s November 12th practice hearings.

Rep. Hurd’s failure to show up is one of many reasons, in addition to his frequent criticism of President Trump and not being a member of the “killer” class, he should be kicked off the House Intelligence Committee and replaced with a more ardent defender of President Trump like Rep. Zeldin. 

To Miller, he’s “deadweight.” 

Miller asks “Why is he still on this committee? I’m so pissed off.”

Bannon continues: “This is outrageous.”

Bannon calls out House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: “McCarthy as Minority Leader, this is unsatisfactory. If the guy did not show up for the practice, he should have been fired on the spot, pulled off, and Rep. Lee Zeldin should have had that spot.”

Miller concurs: “Absolutely. 100 percent.”