Host of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon remarked this morning that the boos President Trump received at last night’s World Series game “was really the swamp” and “a great tell for the president. A great support for the people out there in the country that the swamp booed him.”

Co-host Jason Miller echoed the belief, suggesting the president should “lean into it.” He also pointed out the absurdity of the event, primarily the media’s coverage: “This is so silly. This is like having a national explosion over the fact that Obama went to Grand Rapids or Oklahoma City or Shreveport and was booed at a game. You’d never see the media go and turn this around.”

Miller continued: “You had these triggered losers standing in their seats turning around and staring at the president with Rep. Gaetz and David Perdue for literally the first two innings. They’re the paper pushers from the 5th floor corner office of the Department of Education who are trying to lock down their pension.”

Co-host Raheem Kassam noted: “it’s top trend on Twitter.”

To Bannon, it represented how impeachment is “the revolt of unelected bureaucrats on policy differences.”

He continued: “They’re gonna bear the burden of this because they’re forcing the country into a constitutional crisis and were not focused on passing USMCA, were not focused on passing prescription drugs, and we’re not doing things to build the economy or help us with our trade deals.

“President Trump is a Yankees fan. He went there yesterday to support the local team and the Houston Astros and the institution of baseball and the World Series.”