On Episode 12 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller analyze the significance of Tim Morrison’s resignation, a top White House official for Russian affairs who is expected to testify today.

Bannon contends: “I don’t know if Tim Morrison was listening to the show, but you [Kassam] made the comment about why are these people like the Colonel Vindman still working at the NSC and the West Wing or Executive Office Building over at the White House?”

To Bannon, Kassam’s logic is “why Morrison [resigned] last night.”

He continues: “How can the president actually feel comfortable running a national security policy, particularly in times like this when you have Syria, Iran, China, the China South China sea, Chile, all over the world, how can you feel comfortable?”

The mainstream media unsurprisingly spins this narrative differently: “The mainstream media is making this out to be that he [Morrison] can be a real bomb thrower now.”

Co-host Miller expands: “Morrison of course is going to go on the attack here. Let’s not get away from the bottom line here. This is really a policy battle between these entrenched bureaucrats who disagree with President Trump on his foreign policy and they’re going all out to try to stop him. We saw it earlier with Vindman, we’re going to see it here with Morrison. We’re going to see it continue and continue because they want to take down President Trump and do not believe his America first foreign policy agenda. And that’s really what this is about. 

In other words, “This is the coup we’ve been talking about.”