The vote on Sen. Lindsey Graham’s resolution condemning the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry as illegitimate and politically motivated yielded important information about which Senate Republicans could possibly vote to convict the president – earning them a potential place on Bannon’s “wall of shame”.

In addition to this de facto impeachment vote, it also provided Republicans with a new, effective narrative. 

War Room impeachment co-host Jason Miller said on Episode 5 of the podcast: “[Graham] introduced a new messaging point that is going to be important going forward, and that’s the issue of fairness.”

Graham’s Thursday press conference helped “explain the Democrats’ selective leaking” and pointed out “all the luxuries that were afforded to Bill Clinton back in the ‘90s, things that are not being allowed to President Trump and the Republicans now.”

According to Miller, this leaves voters wondering, “Wait a minute, you let Bill Clinton do this? But President Trump doesn’t even have the same rights he’s being afforded?”

This angle is particularly powerful as this narrative is potent with independents, “folks who are apolitical in nature can relate to it” because it frames the inquiry in a less partisan nature, Miller opined.

This narrative is closely related to, perhaps inspired by, the show: “This is what we’ve been talking about here on War Room: Impeachment. All week, we’ve been talking about the master class from the best communications director on the planet, speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

And why is fairness a particularly salient message?

For Miller: “Fairness is a central tenet to the election of President Donald J. Trump. The reason why people talk about trade is because Trump made it an issue about fairness.” It’s even relevant in addressing the “haves and the have nots.”

Bannon also relates fairness to the president’s position on international affairs, specifically Ukraine:  “Where are the Europeans. Where’s NATO and the other guys? Throw a few dollars. We need some more help.”  

Whether its Adam Schiff’s decision to effectively bar Republicans from entering the SCIF, coordination with establishment media, or selective leaking, it seems there will be no shortage of evidence to support this narrative.