On Episode 30 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller discuss the Democrat’s new angle of attack: bribery instead of quid pro quo. 

Bannon remarks: “The messaging changed yesterday. This is an information war. This is political warfare at the highest level [..] [Pelosi’s] trying to remove him from office. She’s trying to build a case.” 

Bannon adds: “They changed dramatically over the last 24 hours. The message is now bribery. Why have they gone from quid pro quo to extortion and now they have focused on bribery?”

Miller responds: “They’re realizing that their initial attack of the whole quid pro quo is falling flat, and so they’re trying to shift this. The American public really needs to pay attention to this because the way that [Democrats] are moving around on their targets and what they want to drive to is all over the map because it’s not working for them.”

He also notes how a legal allegation will drive headlines: “If you throw out a legal allegation, then that is what the headlines will be.”

Bannon also believes this messaging shift is an attempt to legitimize this sham process as constitutional: “Also, bribery is in the Constitution. They’re trying to revalidate that this is a constitutional process […] They don’t want this to be a policy debate.”