On Episode 22 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller discussed a Bloomberg article entitled: ‘State Depart Freed Ukraine Money Before Trump Says He Did.’

“The State Department had quietly authorized releasing 141 million of the 391 million,” Kassam explained the basis of the article.

“This now gets very confusing,” Bannon said, asking Miller to “explain to the audience what’s so important about midnight of September 30th every year. What happens?”

“That’s the end of the fiscal year,” Miller explains. “When money that Congress has appropriated has to be spent. And if they don’t it just never gets spent. But you have to notify Congress two weeks in advance of the intent to go and spend whatever those funds are. So September 15th was the big ‘Sword of Damocles,’ so to speak, where if they hadn’t notified Congress that it’s not a 250 million in aid that we give to Ukraine. Which, by the way, that’s a big chunk of change. Do most people realize that’s how much we just give them every year? It was 170 million back in 2017, but 250 million – that is a lot of money to be sending to Ukraine.”

“A quarter of a million dollars,” Bannon reiterates. “That’s a lot of cash. Every city in the United States would like to have that. These 31 [freshmen Democratic] Congressmen better be able to answer to their folks about what that would do back in their home districts. This is a major commitment, a major commitment to the defense of a country.”