“Is it outside the normal course of business to have lobbyists, or to have guys that are involved in these firms, call people up and say, ‘I don’t like this ambassador, she’s not getting things-’ I mean is that outside the normal course of business in Washington, DC?” War Room: Impeachment host Stephen K. Bannon asked his co-hosts Jason Miller and Raheem Kassam on Episode 11.

“No, it happens every single day,” Miller, former Senior Communications Advisor to the 2016 Trump campaign, responded. “It happens every single administration, probably going back to the beginning of this whole exercise we call America.”

“[Democrats] are trying to take these items and make them bigger than they are,” Bannon said.

Miller elaborated: “I want to go back to again this is what we call the ‘swirl’. Everything that’s happening out there with the media and what they want to talk about: these minor details they try to make major, like the ellipses. But the reason why they’re putting all this attention on, say like a [Robert] Livingston – nice guy, not in the news anymore, nobody really cares so it’s really a red herring – because the facts are our friends.We go through these specific testimonies and we see that there is nothing that’s concrete that’s been put forward from any of these people about a quid pro quo, that it’s just a rehashing of opinions and frustrations with the President over foreign policy positions.”

“The Democrats do not want to talk about the facts,” Miller furthered. “They want to confuse us and throw different things out to have people think, ‘oh there must be something bad,’ when the fact of the matter is no. Let’s point to the fact that President Trump did nothing wrong, President Trump is innocent.”