On Episode 44 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon highlights how this week’s public hearings were an epic fail for Democrats.

Bannon notes: “This was [Democrat’s] biggest week. This was when they had Lt. Col. Vindman, Amb. Sondland, Dr. Hill. That was their murderers row, and that was supposed to bury the president.”

The media played into the narrative that public hearings incriminated President Trump: “The screaming headlines in the New York Times were Watergate-type. They took the whole page up. It wasn’t Maggie [Haberman] arguing about the facts. These [headlines] were things like “Trump is done.” He was going to be Richard Nixon.”

However, it’s clear the 31 freshman Democrats still feel uneasy about continuing with impeachment without compromising their careers. This lack of confidence is apparent in an interview with Rep. Anthony Brindisi where he emphasizes: “I’m staying neutral at this point. I’m going to listen to both sides” and “I’m going to sit back and review all these transcripts and the hearings that have happened.”

That’s not indicative of the definitive “yes” vote Pelosi or Schiff were hoping for.