“You had Devin Nunes going on the television last night and effectively accusing [Adam] Schiff of coaching the witness, and not allowing certain questions to be asked,” Raheem Kassam, co-host of War Room: Impeachment discussed with host Stephen K. Bannon just hours ahead of the House vote on formal impeachment proceedings.

“I think that’s what leads this process today… Today is a huge defeat for Nancy Pelosi’s strategy,” Bannon added.

“We’re only in the 11th day of this show, but I think we’re already having an impact. The fact that between Matt Gaetz’s event; Mark Meadows sitting there saying how in all the evidence he was hearing, he wasn’t hearing anything that would change anybody’s mind that what the President did was perfectly acceptable. Mike Pompeo gave this exclusive interview to the New York Post that’s in this morning’s paper that says the exact same thing: this is a continuation of his policy, that it’s anti-corruption, there’s nothing to see here. You then had [Constitutional law scholar David] Rivkin’s oped.”

“Nancy Pelosi’s hand got forced. And one of the reason’s it got forced was that [Devin] Nunes says – and i think it’s one of the most important stories last night, clearly not covered much by the mainstream media – he said that it was evident to him that Schiff was coaching and leading the witness. With limited ability to cross examine, limited ability to get in there and ask questions, the Republicans were very held back.”

Thats what we see with the selective leaks into the media, selective leaks to the New York Times, it goes on CNN and MSNBC. It’s part of [Pelosi’s] political disinformation campaign, it’s part of her political warfare…We keep hearing who these witnesses are, you [Raheem Kassam] keep breaking them down, now we have guys like Nunes coming forward.”

“That process, hopefully today, the coaching of witnesses, leading of witnesses, selective testimony, will be stopped…This will be first defeat Nancy Pelosi has had in this entire process.”