On Episode 97 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam were joined by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch to talk about how the President should handle the swamp and its undermining of his administration.

Bannon explained that President Trump “just did a drone strike in Baghdad. Does he need to do a drone strike here for the swamp?”

He elaborated that “the point is to unlock all the information that is out there that would actually show the background to the crime of the century. Specifically the forty subpoenas [from Rep. Devin] Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee – we still don’t have any of that.”

Bannon turned to Fitton: “You fight this everyday. Why is the Trump administration’s DOJ holding back? [Why are] the State Department, Intelligence services, Defense Department holding back all this information that is exculpatory to him?”

“Isn’t it amazing how FOIA works for the left?” Fitton responded. “They get all this information on the Ukrainian decision.”

“And right way,” Bannon added. “It happens immediately.”

“Tell the audience how that works,” he said. Bannon explained the left drops “FOIA requests and they’ve got stuff in the middle of the trial that’s coming out. And you’ve been working for years. Is your FOIA request not specific enough?”

“We asked about the Biden corruption,” Fitton explained. “They said: ‘well we can’t even complete the search for the records until the end of January.’ Two weeks ago we had six lawyers from the government – the Justice Department and State Department – come into federal court and try to shut down our case on Clinton emails and Benghazi.”

Fitton asserted that “the President has been undermined by the deep state and an unimaginative crop of appointees who just don’t care about transparency. Ukraine, the deep state conspiracy against [Trump], Spygate – all of this is being withheld.”

“You had Strzok complaining about the FBI screwing around with him the other day,” he continued. “The FBI is still protecting Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page, and James Comey, and Andrew McCabe.”

Bannon then returned to his original question, asking if the President needs “to go on offense.”

“I think deploy the same strategy that he just deployed in Iraq,” Kassam said. “Deploy it right here in Washington, D.C.”

“There’s not just one snake here, like you have the snake of Iran in the middle east. There are many snakes and they all need their heads cut off of them.” He reiterated that “the President needs to adopt the same strategy” he used in Baghdad.

Kassam emphasized that “if you keep allowing yourself to be attacked, they will keep attacking you.

“Because if you just get acquitted,” Bannon added, “what they’re going to say is ‘oh it was rigged, the system was rigged because you had the votes.’ And the impeachment process still continues on.”

“The President should go on a transparency tear,” Fitton said. “Release everything on Ukraine. You had all this outrageous activity out of the Ukrainian embassy, the Biden angle. We had confirmation during the coup plot in the House that the State Department and the White House under Obama was concerned about Biden’s corruption.”

“This is perfect,” Kassam agreed with Fitton. “This is 2020 transparency; 2020 crystal vision. This is what he should be doing right now.”