“What do you think John Bolton’s game is here?” Raheem Kassam, former Senior Advisor to Nigel Farage, asked Stephen K. Bannon on Episode 21 of War Room: Impeachment.

“It’s different from everyone else,” Kassam explained. “You had Charles Kupperman who did this lawsuit, who said ‘we’re not going to testify.’ But Bolton’s doing something different. He’s doing this, he’s asking for a federal court to rule on whether or not the White House can stop him testifying; but at the same time he’s saying ‘I want to give this new information’… What is that?”

“I believe that he’s having it both ways,” Bannon replied.

“My understanding, and I take this from reading about Judge Luttig who was…always considered the top conservative Jurist…he was the one who said when Kupperman filed that [lawsuit], that when properly argued up to the Supreme Court – and that’s not going to get done in a weekend – would be, and this is his words, ‘the most significant case we’ve had in the Supreme Court about separation of powers.”

“Nancy Pelosi is forcing us into a Constitutional crisis over the Holiday season. That’s what this is, this is a Constitutional crisis now. I think Bolton, to me, a little bit I think Bolton’s having it the same way. To show a little leg.”

“A little leg? Bloody hell,” Kassam added.

“Here, like in the New York Times: ‘Bolton dangles vital knowledge of Ukraine push’ – that’s an article…” Bannon started.

“That’s more than a little leg, I can see the thong,” Kassam said.

“…That’s an article you want to read.” Bannon continued. “And it’s got Michael Shear and Peter Baker…it’s their names on the byline here. The stakes could not be higher.”

“Do you think Bolton testifies?” Kassam asked.

Bannon answered: “Right now I think no. I think if you’re going to get a lot of showing the leg like this, I don’t think so…From what I’ve seen, I don’t think it happens. I think they’re playing it both ways.”

“He’s having it both ways,” Kassam reiterated. “He’s trying to show ‘look, I’m trying to give you guys some stuff, but my hands are tied.'”