On Episode 52 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon discussed the House Judiciary Committee’s importance in past impeachment trials, as well as the dynamic with Nadler heading the committee.

Bannon stated: “Although it’s not the actual trial, in the American public consciousness of impeachment, Judiciary really played one of the most significant roles… Right after the Judiciary vote, Nixon actually resigned. So he was never technically actually impeached, although he was driven from office in this process. And Clinton…the Judiciary Committee was, once again, where all the action was.

“Here’s what I think is interesting,” Bannon continued, going through the recent history of the Judiciary Committee under Nadler. “Michael Cohen was his first one. But then he had Mueller, and then he had Corey Lewandowski – where he actually got bench pressed. The Mueller thing was a disaster; Corey was an even bigger disaster, Nancy Pelosi obviously took the leadership away from him. I think it will be very interesting. That’s why I would anticipate with President Trump, given how he is always so aggressive, would have representation there at least as observants, and even maybe as participants.

“Nadler, I think, has a very difficult time controlling the Committee. And has a very difficult time actually focusing his own thoughts. Schiff is getting a lot of kudos from the Democrats for this closing statement he gave, which I think they feel gave him some stature and some gravitas. I don’t think anyone’s seen that out of Nadler. And I think his handling of this has been really a travesty for the Democrats. So I think this Judiciary will really be in the American people’s minds as the second big bite of the apple.”