On War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon addresses the opportunity cost of pursuing impeachment, a case that guest of Episode 13, Reince Priebus, former White House Chief of Staff, considers a “case that should be dismissed on its merits outright.”

Bannon emphasizes the importance of hammering what the impeachment inquiry is detracting from: “[We need] to show the opportunity cost. To show that USMCA is not getting done. To show that prescription drugs is not getting done. The focus on Hong Kong is not getting done. All these things with the world on fire, in Beirut, Chile, and Hong Kong. In a world on fire, we are now focused on a phone call about Ukraine.”

Bannon deems the impeachment inquiry a “sideshow to a sideshow.”

Priebus warns that Republicans can’t get sidetracked by the House inquiry or fall into Pelosi’s “trap”:

“We don’t want to get to a point where those 200,000 people in battleground states who don’t think the president has done anything wrong, think he’s been mistreated, like the result of the president, but get tired of it all. You don’t want to have a government shutdown on top of that all to highlight the incompetence going on.”