War Room: Impeachment host Stephen K. Bannon joined Trish Regan Primetime to discuss the impeachment “suicide march for the Democrats.”

“He won at 2:30 in the morning on the 9th of November. The nullification started right away with the opposition party media and this kind of radicalized Democratic party. And it culminated last night,” Bannon said of the House vote to impeachment President Donald Trump.

Bannon believes “the President summed it up best: it’s a suicide march” for the Democrat party.

“I actually think in a very deep way it’s going to be good for the country, because it’s a clarifying moment. People are going to start to really drill down on this, they’re going to start asking for details,” the War Room host continued. “I think it’s going in the President’s direction; I think it’s a clarifying moment; I think it is a suicide march for the Democrats.”

“If people feel [Democrats] are stopping as of yesterday, they’re not,” Bannon said.

He noted how Pelosi is “now playing additional games. The big thing they argued the entire [impeachment process] is: ‘he’s a clear and present danger. That’s why we have to do it now… He’s a clear and present danger.’ So many times yesterday on the floor they argued that. And yet when she finally has it, now we’re going to play games. Now she’s going to take her time; they may not do it until they get back in January.”

“If he’s such as clear and present danger, how come this thing was not delivered last night? How come we’re not getting on with it? The reason it this has nothing to do with the Ukraine. That’s just a pretext. This is all to try to blunt the Presidency.”

Bannon explained how President Trump is “an existential threat to this opposition party media, the mainstream media. And that’s why they hate him. They hate him personally, but they also hate him for who he is and what he stands for.”

The War Room host also gave some advice to former CIA director John Brennan and “all these people that have been coming on TV for the last couple of years, on these other networks, and basically implying the President’s a Russian asset, implying he’s guilty of treason, implying he betrayed the country – all these people should lawyer up. Because there’s a criminal investigation going on by the Justice Department.”