On Episode 21 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon discusses how the Hong Kong protests are “inextricably linked” to the impeachment of President Trump. 

Bannon outlines the connection: “The cultural Marxists and Communists lost on the economics, but they’re winning on the cultural Marxism, the nihilism, the destruction of the Judeo-Christian West, the tenets that underpin the 5,000 years of civilization we’ve had. And this is not a clash of civilization. The Chinese have taken on a form of state capitalism. The Chinese Communist Party is the great enemy of the United States and free people throughout the world.”

He adds: “This is exactly inextricably linked with this impeachment process.”

Bannon also contends “one of my objectives for next year is to make sure that the Hong Kong dissidents and insurgency, these young patriots under the age of 30, are nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize next year because what they’re doing is what happened in this country in 1775 and 1776.” 

Co-host Raheem Kassam mentions how at recent NBA games, “people wearing the free Hong Kong and ‘Google Uighurs’ shirts were being shut down.”

Bannon adds: “People should understand the Brooklyn Nets is owned by a member of the CCP.”

He continues: “The Students for a Free Tibet, the house Christians, the underground Catholic church, the rest of the Hong Kong posse, patriot Chinese Americans and Tibetans is amazing.”