On Episode 18 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon analyzes today’s witness, David Hale, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. Hale is the latest representation of  “unelected bureaucrats having their own agenda and trying to undermine President Trump.” 

Hale was one of “Obama’s proponents of the Iran deal, and to Bannon, “he’s worse than a Never Trumper. He’s not a Trump fan.”

Hale’s unforeseen testimony “shows how the game is rigged. He’s not someone who presented earlier so we couldn’t talk about him on War Room: Impeachment.”

Co-host Jason Miller adds: “This is not someone we were expecting.”

Miller continues, predicting that Hale will echo “what we’ve seen all the other State Department career folks saying this isn’t overly politicized. It’ll read like they’re the kid that didn’t get picked for kickball.”

Miller also suggests that Hale’s testimony is part of the State Department’s career officials wanting to show unity: “A central tenet of the headlines this morning is that he wanted to go out there and show a sign of support to former ambassador Yovanovitch, and I can’t underscore enough how State Department and career folks really stick together. They feel it’s their duty.”

He continues: “They view themselves as fundamentally different at their core. They were there before this president and they are going to be there after. They think it’s their job to point things in the direction they want to go.”