“All this stuff – the forty subpoenas given to [Rod] Rosenstein, what’s happening with U.S. Attorney Durham, Crossfire Hurricane, all of that because they’re all kind of inextricably linked in this – are the American people ever going to get the truth?” host Stephen K. Bannon asked the former mayor of New York City and President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on War Room: Impeachment Episode 20.

“Forget Republicans and Democrats, the American people are decent, they have common sense, they’ve been through political crisis like this before, they weigh and measure, and they always come to a right and smart judgement – but they need the information,” Bannon furthered.

“How is all of this going to come out? Because certainly the process that’s been run today- look, I don’t agree with Nancy Pelosi’s ideology, but I think she’s a master in political information warfare.”

“It was a great understanding,” Giuliani replied, “of how they can control the media. I will say one thing: if we had their advantages, we’d be just as good. In other words, cover the guy who thinks there’s no quid pro quo and we’d have an advantage.”

“They have a compliant media that emphasizes what they want, and [Adam] Schiff plays it like a violin. That’s why they did the secret hearings. They put a guy in there, the secret hearings, and then they leak immediately the negative things that he said or that they can contort. Our guys come out and correct it, but they get covered and our guys get buried.”

Bannon asked, “How are the American people going to get this information? Because next week’s just going to be a public circus.”

Giuliani replied: “The same way we won. We have to just be on the air constantly, and all the ways we can communicate: the President tweeting, everybody else getting on the air [and] tweeting, engaging in social media, doing shows like this, trying to get out the other side.”