Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch joined Stephen K. Bannon on Episode 36 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss the White House’s passive response to the impeachment proceedings.

“What we’re seeing is a deep state coup cabal coming forward, testifying without any push back, without the president being able to institute his prerogatives,” Fitton said.

“Who at the Defense Department let Vindman testify in uniform? Who’s responsible? If I were the President I would be saying ‘who’s responsible for one of my officers going around trying to undermine my foreign policy?’”

“Why are the people who are still working in the White House today [testifying],” Bannon asked. 

“I don’t understand,” Fitton responded. “And people like Mulvaney and others are making their own personal decision to fight the subpoena instead of the White House coming in and saying: ‘We’ve got significant Constitutional concerns about this process. Either we’re there to assert privileges and protect the interests of the President – make sure executive privilege is protected, make sure classified information is protected – otherwise this can’t go forward.’ I don’t understand why that has not happened. And this is what the result is. We have an official who is still at the White House, Mr. Vindman, Mrs. Williams still at the White House, going to to testify about Presidential communications without any chance for the President to participate.”