On Episode 43 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller discussed the alleged document doctoring in the FISA courts and the investigative report on the matter potentially dropping within seventy-two hours of the impeachment report.

Miller began: “The investigative report that the Department of Justice has undertaken to find out where all the illegalities of things were during 2016. The illegal [wire]taps, the illegal monitoring of Trump campaign officials.”

“And there’s a breaking news story that’s actually on the New York Times where they essentially lay the case out there that only some lower level people committed crimes and illegalities. And particularly there is a ‘low level lawyer.’ Would they ever call a Republican who is involved in the Trump administration – they would say a ‘key Trump official.’ This isn’t me disrespecting a gentleman named Kevin Clinesmith, the New York Times calls him a ‘low level lawyer.’ They essentially try to make it sound like it’s only these low level people committed illegalities. But I want to tell people how serious this is… Literally this Kevin Clinesmith went and altered the documents that the FBI was using to renew a wiretap.”

“FISA… these secret courts,” Bannon explained. “[They] really came up in the age of terrorism, after 9/11. You have these secret courts, you can go in and get wiretaps, you can do all sorts of things. Very controversial, but has been a great weapon in the war on terror. And the question is, how did the FISA courts come into this, how did you get warrants, how did you get wiretaps? The left has said this is the Trump crowd, tinfoil hats, conspiracy theory wing nuts. Well, you now have investigations… All of the sudden it’s like a bombshell, that somebody has actually doctored information that’s part of this.”

“What the New York Times is trying to do here,” Miller furthered, “is basically set up what this report is going to have: enough to make both sides happy and raise question marks. They’re already trying to frame it in a way that’s not a slam dunk. And if they’re framing it now as a jump ball, I think this is going to be bad for them.” 

“Maybe this is not tinfoil hats, maybe there were issues…” Bannon said. “As we do the timeline, we believe that the actual [impeachment] report that goes to the Judiciary Committee, could actually go to Judiciary along the same forty-eight hours, seventy-two hours as [Horowitz’s IG report], which is dropped on the 9th [of December].”