On Episode 52 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon, former CEO of the 2016 Trump campaign, broke down the new Democrat timeline for impeachment.

“I believe Nadler has expedited this,” Bannon explained. “Our schedule we talked about before where Adam Schiff’s majority report, and then the minority report being done by Devin Nunes and people, would be done Thursday—I think you can see this drop as early as Monday or Tuesday with Nadler’s hearing on Wednesday.

“He just sent this very tough letter to the President that by 5 pm on the 6th [of December] he needs to hear if the President is going to participate, if the President’s lawyer is going to participate, and if the President wants to call, it looks like, any witnesses.

“I think they’re expediting this to definitely drive this. Particularly given, I think, the weak polling and these town halls where those Democrats got essentially blown up in those districts we’ve been talking about.

“Now they’re trying to expedite this and drop the reports for a huge news cycle, followed with a Nadler hearing with some constitutional lawyers, then go right into trying to force the President to respond on Friday. That all leads into trying to big foot the IG report the following Monday.

“I think the next ten days is going to be quite monumental as far as this whole process, and really an inflection point on Trump’s presidency.”