On Episode 44 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon discussed the “group hug” happening at the Democratic primary debates with co-host Jason Miller. 

“They lack star power,” Bannon continued. “One of the reasons is there’s no tension, there’s no drama. And they don’t confront each other. Part of politics is actually if you have different ideas, if you have different views, is actually going after your opponent… You’re trying to become the leader of the greatest power on Earth, and the greatest power in the history of the Earth in a time of world turmoil.”

“I just think that the media’s coddling of the Democrats, and the coddling of each other, it’s one of the reasons that the ratings are so low. It’s so boring, people say there’s no star power…People say it’s so boring. And the format, they don’t really confront each other; not just on policy, but who they are as people. Remember part of this is supposed to be a character test. And for those people out there who hate President Trump, hey he went through a field of sixteen people who were kind of handpicked in each vertical that the Republican apparatus had put a billion dollars into to get Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Governor Christie…all of them.”

The two then discussed Joe Biden in particular not being taken on both on stage and in interviews, including his recent one on one with Don Lemon of CNN. “This [interview] was literally the softest tee ball exercise I’ve ever seen,” Miller said. 

“I think…many in the media think Biden is politically dead,” Miller offered explanation for the lack of resistance Biden has received. “That he doesn’t have a chance in this race, and they want him to essentially move on to greener pastures… Exit gracefully. If they thought he had a real chance he would have been pressed.”