“Joe Biden is a hand grenade and Hunter Biden is the pin. And when that pin gets pulled, the shrapnel is going to blow back all over the Democratic establishment.” Those were the words of War Room: Impeachment host Stephen K. Bannon on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo

On Episode 16 of War Room: Impeachment, Bannon and co-hosts Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller unpacked where the Biden’s should stand in the impeachment inquiry.

“I believe that [Joe and Hunter Biden] should be called as witnesses,” Bannon said. “I think when Hunter Biden is called as a witness and his father is called as a witness, under oath, Joe Biden, I think, is going to explode. What I mean is all the information about his crony capitalism. Hunter Biden is a pin. You get Hunter Biden under oath and the information that he will give will essentially put the father in a very tough situation. I think it’s going to be an explosion, I think the Democrats got to be asking those questions.” 

“The process they’ve got, essentially the Republicans have to go as supplicants to get witnesses,” Bannon said.

“There’s zero chance we’re going to be able to get Hunter Biden [as a witness]. We should be able to, we should be able to bring Joe Biden in,” Miller says.