On Episode 7 of War Room: Impeachment, host Steve Bannon commended the White House’s more combative communications approach, a reference to the administration’s decision to announce the success of the raid against ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Sunday. 

The death of al-Baghdadi is also imperative in demonstrating the White House’s ability to accomplish consequential national security objectives despite the impeachment inquiry.

Co-host Raheem Kassam explained the significance: “This White House can point to Trump and say he is concerning himself with the business of government.”

While Bannon encourages “more bookings and more people,” specifically some “focusing on impeachment,” the move is a “first start.”

“I do think it is smart to do it this morning. This is a way not only to make a major announcement to the nation, but it’s also a way to big-foot the Sunday shows. One of the things we’ve been saying on War Room: Impeachment is about a more aggressive strategy on the communications side from the White House. Not just taking punches but giving punches. There have been all these rumors about bringing in more communication people.” 

He continues: “These Sunday shows, in secular Washington D.C. are high church. It’s the railhead that drives the messaging.”

Kassam added that these shows “set the narrative for the week.” 

The mainstream media wishes they could have spent their Sunday morning witlessly covering impeachment, fueled by selective leaking from the Democrats; instead, they were forced into covering yet another crucial victory for the president’s national security agenda.