The White House’s formation of a “war room” aimed to address the impeachment inquiry more substantially signifies the administration’s growing understanding of the serious threat of impeachment, former White House Chief Strategist and Trump 2020 campaign CEO Stephen K. Bannon noted on the latest episode of War Room: Impeachment.

“Inside the White House they’re putting together an informal working group. They don’t want to call it a war room. That’s fine. We’ve trademarked the name, but at least it shows that people are coming together: the legislative group, the political group. What are they doing? They’re focused on the Senate. They’re focused on acquittal.”

Bannon continued: “The subtext is they understand that he’s going to be impeached by Nancy Pelosi on a date certain sometime around Thanksgiving on two charges: abuse of power and obstruction of justice.”

It’s certainly a more effective strategy than simply labeling all impeachment efforts a “witch hunt” or “sham.”

The concern, however? The White House team convenes at 10am, which is “lunch” time, according to Bannon, who proposes “they should start meeting at 6 am or 7 am in the Roosevelt Room.”

The existential importance of protecting the president from being convicted should be the top priority for the White House. After all, as Bannon and the team keep saying: “2020 isn’t even happening for Republicans if President Trump gets impeached”.