On Episode 42 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon describes how President Trump’s appearance on Fox & Friends this morning “reframed the Republican Response.”

To Bannon, “President Trump is going for the pure ether of it.”

President Trump hammered that his phone call with President Zelensky was “not wrong, it was right.”

Bannon expands: “[Trump] didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, what [he] did was right. This is what the American people elected [Trump] for. It’s about corruption and also about other people putting money in the kitty. We’re just not looking for protectorates.”

The American people “wanted a tough guy to come here and drain the swamp and take on the permanent political class.”

Through the public hearings, “We have seen now for 2 weeks the permanent political class’s ideology about national security and foreign policy. That’s why [Hill] was such a great witness yesterday for Trump. She laid it out, and then the arrogance of Holmes and his contempt for the Republican questions [emphasized it].”