Host Stephen K. Bannon discusses how the debate over America First foreign policy is central to the impeachment inquiry on Episode 14 of War Room: Impeachment.

Bannon stresses the importance of granularity:  “Granularity is your friend here. The more granular we get on this, people are going to find that is a debate about policy, about the how the bureaucracy and apparatus has one idea about what they want to do on national security policy particularly against Russia, and you’re going to see this debate. And I think it’s a healthy debate to have about America First national security policy. I don’t think we’ve had that debate.”

However, America First foreign policy has already proved its merit: “President Trump has done such an amazing job on China in changing the whole thing around to now confront China. You see the benefits of that. You’ve seen how everything they’ve said about his policies are wrong. All this fear mongering about the tariffs are wrong. You see the blowout numbers on Friday.”

He specifically highlights the recent job report: “Normally under Obama you see revisions down, but here you’re seeing upward revision, wages rising, and Hispanic and African American unemployment is unbelievable.”