Congressman Jim Banks joined Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller on Episode 34 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss Hunter Biden’s past as well as his involvement in Ukraine presently.

Banks began describing Biden’s past: “Hunter Biden was commissioned [by the Navy] around the same time [as I was]… I don’t have a powerful dad, but Hunter Biden did. Hunter Biden got a waiver at the same time that I was commissioned and turned down five or six times. He got a waiver because his dad was Vice President, because he exceeded the age limitation. He then failed a drug test but he received another waiver to stay in the Navy.”

“How does a guy get a waiver for failing a drug test – that is like the kill shot. I mean even in the White House: you failed a drug test, you were perp walked off that moment,” Bannon explained.

Banks added: “It’s extraordinary to get an age waiver, but he got a drug waiver after he failed a drug test. It wasn’t until he failed a repetitive drug test.”

“So he failed two?” Miller asked. 

“At least, yeah,” Banks responded. “I believe there is a New York Times story that digs deep into these issues. There’s nothing that angers me more than those with the last name of Biden or Clinton that get special treatment in this country.”

“That’s the permanent political class,” Bannon added. “This aristocracy that runs Washington, D.C. and passes it down generation to generation.”

“When this Ukraine story broke and Hunter Biden was a central figure I wasn’t surprised,” Banks told the War Room.

The congressman furthered that Hunter Biden’s navy experiences are “the same story that has emerged in this Ukraine narrative, right. I mean the corruption of him being on the board of a company in Ukraine. That’s why I believe Hunter Biden should be called to testify.”