“Impeach is playing so poorly throughout the country in these battleground districts,” Representative Jim Banks told Stephen K. Bannon on Episode 34 of War Room: Impeachment.

Bannon added: “People want Congress to focus on USMCA, on prescription drugs, on infrastructure, on the business at hand for the United States.”

“And they see where the Democrats in the House are leaning, and that’s not where they want the country to go,” Banks said. “I’m as optimistic on winning back the majority as I have ever been. I was not optimistic until a few months ago, but the numbers speak for themselves.”

“All of the major news outlets like to put out polling head to head on whether or not the American people support impeachment; depending on how you write that question the numbers end up differently. But when you look at battleground states and battleground districts, impeachment is almost always unpopular. And those are the districts we have to win back to win back the majority.”