President Trump committed “no quid pro quo, bribery, extortion, or abuse of power,” Republicans on the House committees investigating the Ukraine controversy have concluded in a 110-page report reviewed by Axios ahead of its formal release.

Why it matters: The report — to be released to Congress as soon as this evening — will provide the basis for Republicans’ rejection of Democrats’ anticipated articles of impeachment against the president for the remainder of the House proceedings.

The document is a prebuttal to the Democratic majority’s highly anticipated report compiling the evidence against the president and recommendations on how to proceed.

  • “We address their arguments head-on,” a GOP official working on impeachment told Axios. “We think this report responds to each and every argument Democrats put forward.”
  • The official described the report as an “evergreen document,” but said if House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler sets forth new arguments, “we’ll certainly take those into account and respond.”