Ep 138: Drip, Drip, Drip from Bolton’s Manuscript and The Dershowitz Exposition (w/ Bill McGinley)

Steve Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam discuss the revelations that are being dripped out from “Book Deal Bolton’s” manuscript. Bill McGinley calls in to discuss Alan Dershowitz performance for Trump’s Defense Team. or listen here…


Ep 137: Trump Team Goes on Offense- Bondi, the Bidens, and Burisma

Steve Bannon and Jason Miller provide updates on the Impeachment Trial as Pam Bondi and the Trump Defense Team turn up the heat on the proceedings while the opposition party media attempt the same with the explosive leaks from “Book Deal Bolton’s” manuscript. or listen here… 


Ep 136 : Vox Populi – International Takes on Impeachment and the Pandemic

Steve Bannon is joined by Jason Miller, Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer, and Jack Maxey for the weekly Vox Populi call-in show featuring a bevy of international callers from Australia, Canada, and Colombia. or listen here…


Ep 135: Et Tu, Bolton? Manuscript Bombshell Kicks Impeachment Trial into New Gear

Steve Bannon and Jason Miller discuss the bombshell dropped by “Book Deal Bolton” that has the turned up the heat in the Impeachment Trial and has initiated the possibility that these proceedings will end up having witnesses. or listen here…

Special Ep 2- War Room: Pandemic, China’s Chernobyl?

Steve Bannon is joined in studio by Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer, Simone Gao, and Jack Maxey to discuss the sheer scope and implications of the coronavirus contagion, and whether China is being truthful with the numbers they are reporting. Also calling into the show are Dr. Bradley Thayer, Dr. Steven Hatfill, and Bill Gertz. or […]


Ep 134: Trump’s Defense Team Must Have a Strong Finish

Steve Bannon is joined in studio with Raynard Jackson of Black Americans for a Better Future to call balls and strikes on Trump’s defense team performance during Saturday’s opening arguments. Calling in to offer their thoughts are Jason Miller and Steve Cortes. or listen here…  

SPECIAL Ep 1: War Room: Pandemic, Why the China Coronavirus is So Important

Steve Bannon, Jack Posobiec, Jack Maxey, Simone Gao, Kyle Bass, Dr. Bradley Thayer, Bill Gertz, and Maura Moynihan take part in a special, hour-long discussion about the coronavirus emerging out of China, and the serious economic and health implications. or listen here… 


Ep 122: Invalid on its Face – Impeachment Articles w/Cynthia Lummis, David Rivkin, and Jim Schultz

Steve Bannon is joined by Cynthia Lummis, candidate for U.S. Senate from Wyoming, renowned constitutional lawyer David Rivkin, and Associate White House Counsel Jim Schultz to discuss the the invalid nature of the articles of impeachment House Democrats have sent to the Senate for the “trial of the century”. or listen here…


Ep 121: Trump’s Defense Team- The Optics and the Gameplan

Steve Bannon and Jason Miller are joined with Trump Advisory Board Member and Sinclair Broadcasting Group Chief Political Analyst Boris Epshteyn to discuss Trump’s defense team, their optics, and the implications their selections have for the upcoming “trial of the century.” or listen here…


Ep. 108 : The Difference Between a Criminal Trial and Impeachment with Associate White House Counsel Jim Schultz

Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller are joined by Associate White House Counsel Jim Schultz as he walks through the difference between a criminal trial and a political process like impeachment. Also discussed are the witnesses that the President may want to testify and Trump’s decision to take out Soleimani.

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