German Intel: China Told WHO to Hide Human-to-Human Coronavirus Transmission in Jan

The Chinese Communist Party forced the World Health Organization (WHO) to refrain from notifying the world about human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus, causing a “four to six-week delay in fighting” the virus, according to Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service. The recently-released report corroborates the Trump administration’s narrative that China purposely withheld this critical information, delaying the world’s ability to respond: “According to […]


Coronavirus Survivors Banned from Joining Military

As the Defense Department negotiates its way through the coronavirus pandemic and its fallout, military entrance processing stations are working with new guidance when it comes to bringing COVID-19 survivors into the services. A past COVID-19 diagnosis is a no-go for processing, according to a recently released MEPCOM memo circulating on Twitter. “During the medical history interview or examination, a history […]

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Chinese Communist Party Demanded Praise in Exchange for Medical Supplies

A growing number of reports indicate Chinese officials pushed their counterparts in Europe to make positive statements about China in order to receive shipments of medical supplies to fight the novel coronavirus. Why it matters: The revelations further taint Beijing’s attempts to portray itself as a responsible and trustworthy leader in global public health. Context: Over the past two months, […]


London School of Economics Analyst Pushes Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Attacking Steve Bannon for Demanding China Is Held Accountable

CTGN.com, the official website for China’s Global Television Network, published a propaganda piece on Monday in conjunction with a London School of Economics analyst bashing former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. Bannon has berated and exposed the Chinese Communist Party for their egregious human rights record, exploitative trade practices, and – most recently – […]


Bannon: CCP Guilty of ‘Premeditated Murder’ for Concealing Threat of Coronavirus Outbreak

Former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon accused China of “premeditated murder” in an interview with host Eric Bolling on Sinclair’s United We Stand, basing his incendiary charge on the evidence that its government initially downplayed and concealed the threat of the human-to-human transmissibility of Covid-19 during December and January. “They’re guilty of hiding this from people throughout the world, just like […]

Kassam on OAN: US Right To Investigate Wuhan Lab, CCP Acts ‘Like They Have Something to Coverup’

War Room: Pandemic cohost and Editor In Chief of The National Pulse Raheem Kassam joined One America News to discuss the origin of the novel coronavirus.


Bannon On CNBC: China ‘Owes Trillions,’ Must Be Held Accountable

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on Thursday sharply criticized China’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, suggesting the country should be held financially responsible for the pandemic. “The Chinese Communist Party is going to have to pay,” Bannon said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “I think the world’s going to hold them in judgement, and that judgement is not going to […]


Swing voters approve of Trump’s virus effort, 75% want end of China reliance

The nation’s focus during the coronavirus on its economic reliance on China has prompted a big majority of swing state voters to back a “Made in the USA” agenda as they turn from worrying about their health to switching the economy back on, according to a new survey. Some 75% told Heritage Action for America’s new Project […]


Democrats, Republicans Agree: Punish China, Return Jobs, Manufacturing to US

China’s keeping the coronavirus secret from the world as the outbreak began has united Democrats and Republicans who now want the communist nation punished and exported American jobs returned to the United States. The anger is so high that three-quarters of likely voters in a new McLaughin & Associates survey want America’s trading relationship with China junked. […]


Bannon on Fox: Holding Chinese Communist Party Accountable for Coronavirus is a ‘Fight for Freedom’

War Room: Pandemic host Stephen K. Bannon appeared on Fox to discuss the Chinese Communist Party’s culpability for spawning the novel coronavirus and how to ensure they’re held accountable. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.