Richter – ‘Republican’ Standing Against Dem Convert Van Drew – is Dem Donor Who Profited from Biden/Iraq Link

David Richter, former CEO of Hill International, is running as a Republican to unseat Rep. Jeff Van Drew in New Jersey’s second congressional district. Van Drew, formerly a Democrat, recently announced his switch to the Republican Party, citing his unwillingness to vote for President Trump’s impeachment, and his distaste for the Democratic Party’s increasing Leftism. […]


Quid Pro Joe: Biden’s Brother’s Firm Was Handed $1.5bn Iraq Contract

With the 2020 election season underway, there’s been no shortage of media-driven mudslinging about presidential candidates, as well as scandals both real and manufactured. It may, therefore, seem pretty unremarkable that a few journalists have rehashed Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden’s reputation for using his political career to turn favors for family members and business partners. […]